Hatshepsut and Deir el-Bahari: the materialization of a mythology

Hatshepsut was a queen by heredity due to the Royal Blood of Ah-Més Nefertary, which legitimized her but also her daughters to accede to the throne. His lineage led her to share the throne with his father. After being consort of her brother Thutmose II, she was relegated to rule as regent of his stepson Thutmose III. Hatshepsut accept this regency of the little guy as it was planned in the dynastic order, although she begin to weave in collaboration with Sen-en-Mut a draft of dynastic legitimacy based on carnal descent of the god Amun and its relationship with the goddess Hat-Hor, lady of the West and sovereign of the gods, and all the goddesses related to her.

Dyeser-Dyeseru’s walls were embodied with this power, making this funerary temple into the realization of a complex theological project that would boost the regent as pharaoh.

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From February 3  to February 16

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Teacher: Marina Esteve


Hatshepsut de niña a poderosa corregente de Thutmosis I.

Consorte de Thutmosis II.

Regente del Pequeño Thutmosis III.

La vinculación de Hatshepsut con Amón y Hathor.

La teogamia.

El dyeser-dyeseru y la topografía sagrada.

La capilla de Hathor en Deir el-Bahari

El proyecto de legitimidad dinástica: el fin de una reina-faraón.

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