The Tomb of Pashedu: Servant in the Place of Truth

Place: online platform of Psique Academy.

From October 28 to November 6

Recipients and requirements: prior knowledge is not required, the course is dedicated to anyone interested in the subject with internet access.

Duration: 15 hours

Evaluation through tasks, comments and questionnaires easily overcome when taking the course. Certificate of course will be issued to all students who pass the proposed activities.

Registration period: until October 27 (Registration will be closed when the capacity is completed)

Number of students: min 5 – max 30.

Teacher: Marina Esteve


Deir el-Medina’s village

Context of Pashedu’s tomb and objects fron the tomb

Pashedu, servant in the place of truth

Study of the burial chamber of pashedu’s tomb


Price: 15 Euros

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